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Accidentally deleted a Kubernetes service ? Helm Rollback to the Rescue

Updated: Oct 14, 2019


In a kubernetes cluster setup where terraform, ansible and helm automate all our deployments we often start deleting random things to see how resilient our cluster is, if our monitoring picks it up, and how we can rectify things in the easiest way possible (with a minimal risk/impact on production environments).

That ‘woopsie’ moment

So, during a new monitoring setup, I was happily deleting pods left and right, to see how fast our monitoring could pick it up. After a short break I came back to my shell, still running one of our favourites; the wonderful k9s.

Without thinking I gave it a quick ctrl-d to delete whatever pod I happened to be on (sftp). After the deletion confirmation (which of course I didn’t read) I realised that instead of the sftp pod, I deleted the sftp service.


[the oopsie woopsie meme]

First attempt

No problem, I thought, just retrigger a circleci deploy workflow, that’ll fix it. However, to my surprise, our terraform plan didn’t pick up that one of the helm charts had a resource missing!

Now what ?

Am I sure that the service really has been deleted ? Who am I to question Terraform/Helm, the Mighty Gods of Omnipotence. Let’s check our status:

> helm status sftp

This confirmed that indeed the service resource was MISSING:

The Solution

Helm keeps a record of all the yaml files per revision, so you can always go back to a previous release. I wonder if I can go ‘back’ to the current revision, acting as some sort of a ‘refresh’ of the revision. Turns out, that is exactly what it does.

> helm history sftp

Let’s remember that revision number : 1

> helm rollback sftp 1

“Rollback was a success.”

You don’t say. Don’t be mad if I don’t take your word for it, dear Helm.

> helm status sftp

There you have it. Quick and easy fix, with minimal (to no) risk.

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